Room introduction

Yakuzen restaurant Rin Oitate is located in Moriguchi, a town that thrived as one of posting stations along Kyo Kaido (street that led from Osaka to Kyoto) in Edo period (1603 and 1868).
A passage made to look like an alley in Kyoto leads diners deep inside the restaurant, which stretches back some way.

In addition to table seatings, elaborately designed private rooms are available.
Rin Oitate offers a time full of hospitality for special gatherings.


Various items are placed throughout the restaurant.
Please feel free to ask our staff about them when dining at our restaurant.

A statue of a rising dragon

A lucky charm believed to ward off the evil and build a fortune.

Calligraphy (一味専心 means dedication to one thing)

A calligraphy by a descendant of Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing dynasty, given as a gift to the head chef.


Pots as tall as human.There are several throughout the restaurant. Please try finding them.

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants grown by the head chef himself are placed along the Little Kyoto passage that links private rooms.


Giant Ginseng.It is said that ginsengs as large as these are hard to find in the market these days.