A take away gift produced based on yakuzen mindset by Oitate.
Also available for purchase through our website.

Yakuzen Papaya Tea

Papaya tea produced by the farm run by the family of the head chef.
The fruit, stem, and leaves of green papaya grown with great care without chemicals are made into tea.
Healthy tea with refreshing bitterness and a touch of sweetness, served after meals at Rin Oitate.
price:800yen(Tax not included)
Expiration Date:6 months
Ingredients:Green Papaya(Eco Farm Kiire)

Efficacy of Green Papaya

Green papaya is an ingredient that has yakuzen effects on stomach, lungs, and liver.
Nutritionally, it is proven to contain papaya enzyme, an element that degrades protein, fat, and carbohydrate, and improves metabolism, making green papaya tea a perfect beverage to be served after meals.

Weight Loss Effects

Papaya enzyme degrades protein, fat, and carbohydrate, and improves metabolism.As it also regulates the functions of the large intestine, improving the bowel movements, weight loss effect can be achieved.

Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancers

The amount of blood-cleansing, antioxidant polyphenol in green papaya is approximately 7.5 times higher than that of red wine, and therefore green papayas are expected to prevent not only high blood pressure and cerebral infarction, but also cancers.

Anti-Aging Effects

Containing an abundance of polyphenol and Vitamin C, which suppress the function of active enzyme that leads to aging, it is expected to be effective in beautifying the skin and preventing the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

Eco Farm Kiire

he head chef Oitate’s sister and her husband grow chemical-free vegetables at Eco Farm Kiire, a farm they run in Oitate’s hometown, Kagoshima.
This is the farm where Rin Oitate purchases vegetables from and makes green papaya tea, which is served after meals.